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Our primary focus is treating individuals struggling with alcohol and drug addiction. This also involves those suffering from dual diagnosis, which is an alcohol/drug addiction alongside a psychiatric disorder such as bipolar disorder, depression, PTSD or anxiety. Our client-centered programs treat individuals suffering from alcohol and drug addiction, as well as families affected by the disease. For more information about our programs, call our addiction specialists today at 888-734-2278.
Yes. Our highly trained and experienced staff, which includes a triple board-certified psychiatrist, a full-time advanced psychiatric nurse practitioner and 24-hour nursing staff, is onsite and always available for clients in need. Upon entering our southern Florida treatment facility, you will be guided through the treatment process by a dedicated, compassionate clinical staff that is ready to handle any situation that may arise.
Alcohol and drug addiction affects every individual differently, meaning that each individual progresses through the addiction treatment process at different speeds. Generally speaking, our programs can last anywhere from 30 to 90 days, but it really depends on your clinical progress. We want to ensure you are ready to rejoin society without the use of alcohol or drugs. All programs at are structured to gradually decrease the intensity and level of care, while continually increasing levels of responsibility and self-sufficiency. This treatment approach, coupled with a structured housing environment, fosters both independence and healthy interdependence.
Each client’s history and current medication needs are thoroughly assessed by a triple board-certified psychiatrist at the beginning of treatment. Our clinicians then create an individualized treatment plan based on your particular medical and clinical needs.
Absolutely. Family involvement is strongly encouraged and considered an important part of the treatment process. Visits are based on clinical progress and approval from your therapist.
As you progress through treatment, an ongoing dialogue with your family is integrated into the recovery process. Families are encouraged to share and discuss issues that have affected them over the years. Relationship healing is an important part of recovery for both you and your family. Family therapy is highly individualized at Education on addictions and co-occurring mental health disorders is provided to families and other loved ones. Information is presented not only at, but also via telephone, live computer chat and other methods, for those who cannot visit the treatment center in person.
We will help you find the appropriate resources for any legal issues that may be present during your treatment. We also work closely with legal aid courts and probation officers to ensure you are in compliance with any current court orders or probationary requirements. is in compliance with the Standards for Privacy of Individually Identifiable Health Information (“Privacy Rule”) that establishes a set of national standards for the protection of certain health information. The U.S. Department of Health and Human Services established the Privacy Rule in order to implement the requirement of the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act of 1996 (more familiarly known as HIPAA). The Privacy Rule standards address the use and disclosure of an individual’s health information. A major goal of the Privacy Rule is to assure that an individual’s health information is properly protected, while allowing the flow of health information needed to provide and promote high-quality health care. It also assures the protection of the public’s health and well-being.
Yes, we are in-network with most major insurance plans, making an affordable, highly effective treatment option for most people.
You are encouraged to increase your level of independence by seeking employment, as clinically appropriate. Work suitability is determined by your progress and the recommendations of your therapist.
Yes. Clients in our residential addiction treatment program live in our comfortable housing facility located just steps from our treatment center. Onsite rehabilitation client care coordinators are available at the housing center 24/7 to offer support and supervision. Consistent daily communication occurs between the technical staff and the clinical team, so that the entire day and night periods are seamlessly devoted to your recovery.

"While I was making phone calls to see which Rehab center I could go to for help, the staff was so informative and helpful getting my health insurance information and working out all the details with my insurance company. I was so relieved when I had one less thing to worry about. I am truly blessed that the staff at gave me the courage to enter recovery ready to face the challenges ahead. I got the tools necessary to get my life back from the destructive pathway I was heading on. I view this time in treatment as a vital time in my recovery and was worth all the hard work that I put into the program. Thank you to a great staff."

- Nick M.

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